Sunday, April 4, 2010

Beautiful moments.

Beautiful things occurred on this Easter morning. I awoke to a realization that having only 2-3 hours asleep was going to effect me, but it is not like I had any other option. I awoke in panic, because that is who I am. I drove to Skycrest in the dark on a dead road with absolutely no one on it, I liked it that way. I got to church and was of course the first one there besides the obvious Rogo. People of the youth group slowly started to arrive as we started to set up the Easter Sunrise Service. Later, when it was closer to the time where we needed to start, a beautiful moment unfolded. Hands were lain on me, and our heads were pressed together. I never broke a sweat, because in this moment there was no fear. I was shaking, but in that moment I could feel that I was surrounded by loving hearts. So we talked afterwords about what we were going to say, and then we went into the bathroom to pray one more time, and the nerves just kept coming, but I tried to regulate my breathing and I had confidence in the soul fact that it's not about me. All of us prayed together once more, gathered outside in hopes that this final prayer would prepare our hearts for good. The service started, and there's no doubt in my mind that every word that was sung & read was sung straight to God. The singing helped everything. Slowly but surely the time when I had to give my testimony approached, and I guess that God himself took over me as I went up to speak, because surely I could not have made eye contact with those people, or shared God's goodness with them all by myself. Everything I spoke was true, all to declare that God is good. We preformed our skit and it felt beautiful. The feeling after that service holds no explanation. The fact that everything in me had no desire to throw up or clinging to someone, it was all made easy. All because God had calmed the thrashing nerves that had been as wicked as the ocean inside of me. I am forever grateful.

He is risen indeed!


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